Just a pile of parts

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Just a pile of parts

Post  bugdust on 2009-06-13, 15:51

I have wanted to build a full custom bug for about 20 years now. Some of the details have changed a few times but the basic premise of the project has stayed the same. The basics are: chopped top, suicide doors, RHD, full ragtop, roll-down windows, and a bunch of small details. I have been collecting parts for it for a little while. I bought a 62 ragtop just for this project but have decided not to use it for this. The 62 is a very solid car.

So, I decided to give my 67 to my son and use the 64 we started on as the base for this project since it needs so much welding done on it anyway. he's not sure he wants a VW so that may not happen either. Anyway. I picked up a 61 bug parts car just for the roof clip. It needs heater channels, lower rear quarters and some other rust repair but is in better shape overall than the 64. So, I figured I'd chop this body and once it is done put it on the 64 pan that we have already done.

64 pan

61 parts car, now full-custom project

Unfortunately, I threw my back out again first thing this morning so I didn't get much done on it. My buddy Clint did most of the cutting today. I had epidural steroid injections in my back in January. I'm not sure when I will be able to get back out in the shop now. I took a couple pain killers today to get done what got done but I'm paying for it now.

Anyway, I'm doing a few things different than most so I'm chopping it a little different than most. There are easier ways to chop a top.

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Re: Just a pile of parts

Post  Admin on 2009-06-13, 22:09

Looks like a fun Project Twisted Evil Keep us posted with the progress!!!! hope your back feels better, My mom has been threw like 6 back surgeries, and is still having problems so I understand the pain your going threw!!


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