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Post  RAMZROD on 2009-05-06, 12:29

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In 1986 there was a VW club born in South Florida called Miami V-Dubs which made a great impact on the VW scene and on the lives of the members involved. Started as a 2 man Bug Club. Till this day, 20+ years later, members keep in touch.

Well we're more than a "CLUB", WE are "FAMILIA", we treat everyone as equals and don't discriminate anyone because of their vehicle or style. We focus on having fun and a good time! VWs are meant to be driven and enjoyed! What better way to do that than with your closest friends!!

FYI on the club...
Although anyone is welcomed to hang with us, membership is by invitation and based on participation. MVD is a VW club that is open to all VWs; any make, any model. If you have one or the desire to have one, you are always welcomed to participate in our club sponsored events.

We do NOT have weekly meetings but we do meet every 1st Saturday of the month during a cruise night held at Betsy's Burger (formerly Fuddruckers) on US1 and SW 104 St.

We are a club sponsor of the VolksBlast weekend in Miami and hosted a "Conga Cruise" through the streets and beaches of Miami. We had close to 100 VWs and we raised $1500 to support the "Police Officers Assistance Trust".

If you would like to be on our email mailing list of events, PM your email. This will guarantee you don't miss any of our club events.

Our primary objective is to offer everyone in the Miami area a venue to participate with like minded VW peeps and grow the scene in Miami & vicinities!

Miami V-Dubs
since 1986

For more info about our club and events check out...

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