heres 2 da FLA fat chicks!

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heres 2 da FLA fat chicks! Empty heres 2 da FLA fat chicks!

Post  Sven Couture on 2009-07-24, 19:00

1st out LOVE the site great idea I think that the FLA scene has deserved something like this for A LONG TIME!...anyhow how about some love for the beautiful florida baywindow buses.There has been a fat chick in my like for almost 15 years.I owned others but always come back to the fat chicks...they just "feel better" I think..they have so much love for us and the whole family!...a little monthly maintenece and they ready to go at it again! if yea got a fat chick post up some pix and help spread the LOVE!...take a fat chick camping!...they LOVE the woods!...thats my 2 cents worth...long live this place!...PEACE@U ALL....Sven out
Sven Couture
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