where the photo gallery?

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where the photo gallery? Empty where the photo gallery?

Post  Sven Couture on 2009-07-24, 19:55

great site ...but maybe Im blond and dont see it but wheres the gallery to up load our VW related photos?...and I LOVE the emotion buttoms on the side but they DONT work when I click on them!....maybe a Mac thing?...what gives!...I'll post a link from my space page asap(www.airspace1.com)...my forum button has been directed to the samba but NOW I can change it to come here!...hehehe!...The FLORIDA VW scene ROCKS!
Sven Couture
Sven Couture

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where the photo gallery? Empty Re: where the photo gallery?

Post  Attorney Isaiah Loophole on 2009-07-26, 12:04

Dave the creator of this site has been off the net for a little bit but he will be returning to answer your questions. Sorry for the delay. scratch
Attorney Isaiah Loophole
Attorney Isaiah Loophole

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