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Pimpin out my services! Empty Pimpin out my services!

Post  6d2 on 2009-07-25, 07:46

Just wanted to put this out there for you club members and show hosters. my wife and I are VW folks and have been for many years. We run a promotions company here at the house. We can get you just about anything you need or want to promote your show or club, from t-shirts and hats to can/ bottle coozies to bottled water with your logo on it. We also do banners, vinyl decals, store front window vinyl graphics, and light up signs for your business.

Here is one we did for Classic Camber:

Pimpin out my services! 289ca7f01541

here is a shirt we did for The Heil Machine Co. they do metal fab work for VWs in So Cal.

Pimpin out my services! C50402017a35
*thats my bus in the pic*

here is a shirt we did for ratlookvw

Pimpin out my services! 5b3430d55156

a barndoor shirt we did for Sled in the PNW.
Pimpin out my services! Dcc55faa0889
Pimpin out my services! B437ae567784
(sorry for the blurry pics it is a cell phone camera, my good camera broke)

thats just a couple of jobs we have done. We can be reached at 813.695.9535 or by email redhotadspecialties@verizon.net

Thanks and we look forward to helping you out soon!


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