Daves Ride at BAP

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Daves Ride at BAP Empty Daves Ride at BAP

Post  vwkultur on 2009-05-07, 17:19

Daves Ride at BAP Dave_c10
That's Dave hanging out the window!!! Happy to be here! Twisted Evil

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Daves Ride at BAP Empty Re: Daves Ride at BAP

Post  Admin on 2009-05-07, 23:38

yeah thats me!! if you look closely you can see I was having a bad hair day and had to wear my beannie!!! and I was realy hung over! hense the hanging out the window Rolling Eyes And I still havnt found a sunglass company that makes em big enough for my head

Thanks Donnie!!! now blow that pic up and have it framed for me Twisted Evil


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